We deliver across India!

Foxflirt, An ‘Everyday-Easy‘ studio, desperate to design and manufacture products which help to make everyday of life organised. Either it‘s a routine day with a machine or an extraordinary day in the lap of hills, Foxflirt has products to suit needs of organising everyday.

With utmost dedication, every product is designed and manufactured with bare hands to match the unmatched luxury that your hands would love to touch.

Nothing ruins the sex appeal of handcrafted goods like a big-ass logo stamped right on there. Thankfully, Foxflirt got the message and we keep our handsome bags, wallets and accessories relatively icon free. Our every product lets its craftsmanship shine with rich, supple leather, tough hardware, and the ability to look better with age.

We at Foxflirt are sure that the product you choose will find you with love we infused while making it.


"Very pleased with the aesthetics and delivery."

Garima Pargain

"Wallet was given as a gift, it is Super Sleek!"

Sunil Singh

"People praising my bag for it's style and quality."

Richa Gupta